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Votivo candles are highly hand crafted, and wonderfully scented. The wicks are centered on the bottom of the glass and then centered on the top. The wicks are trimmed to the perfect length and then the candles go under a heater to smooth out the tops of the candles. Votivo candles are individually hand wrapped and trimmed before being placed in the box.  It can be the perfect gift for a friend, or for you!



Lynette Reed, at the time a struggling actress, founded Illume Candles in 1994 and was one of the first to expand the fragrance frenzy into such uncharted scents as pomegranate and honeysuckle. Her tiny shop, located on a now-trendy stretch of West 3rd Street in Los Angeles, became a mecca for early candle addicts.

Michel Design


Michel Design Works was started over 30 years ago by Bruce & Deborah Michel. Their elephant proved to be the perfect logo at that time. Although Michel Design Works has greatly expanded into Bath & Body, Home Fragrance and Home Decor, when Bruce & Deborah remember and celebrate all of their wonderful customers and the Michel Design Works history, it is even more fitting today!