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Two's Company

Two's Company is dedicated to innovation and trendsetting in the wholesale giftware and home decor industries and prides itself in providing the global market with high style fashion, gift and home products at moderate prices.   Inspiration from globe spanning travels, TC always ensures that it is one step ahead in the showcase of products that are timeless and remain relevant for a long time.


Ted Baker

From the beginning Ted has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humor, so much so in fact that the first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased – something that gained the quickly growing brand the title of ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’. Everything produced under the Ted Baker name has his personality woven into its very heart.


Stolen Riches

Trends come and go, but Stolen Riches has methodically cultivated an identity and is now an industry leader and creator of ‘ahead-of-the-curve’ accessories.  Stolen Riches travels, hunts, and explores its creative zeal to find the latest and most innovative trends in men’s fashion today. SR is about bringing the attention back to the simplest, but most powerful accents. Adding pops of colour and allowing you to show your true personality through your fashion choices. SR creates a new anti-traditional brand.