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Elegant Baby

Elegant Baby is where you can pamper a baby with the perfect gift of a personalized baby gift or monogrammed baby blanket! While the market is full of baby products, Elegant Baby recognized that many quality baby products were highly priced and not affordable to most new parents.


Mud Pie is an award-winning manufacturer of innovatively designed and affordably priced gifts. Mud Pie is a favorite brand of style-conscious consumers

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Saro Baby

Saro was established in 1981 to fulfill the growing demand for handmade decorative lace accessories. Throughout the years, the Saro line has become more sophisticated and the designs have exploded in variety. 

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Bella Tunno

Specializing in modern, colorful and innovative baby and parenting solutions for over a decade, Bella Tunno is a leader in the world of children’s accessories. Function and fashion are equally balanced.  Sometimes preppy, sometimes sassy and always a conversation starter, Bella Tunno takes pride in great design.